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Lord, It’s Me

Psalm 130

Verse 2 Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.

We talked yesterday about calling to God from the depths we find ourselves in but what exactly are we to be crying out to Him about.

The psalmist starts today’s verse with a petition for the Lord to hear his voice. Notice the personal nature of this song. It is a song that the travelers are to sing together but is one that they are to sing from a personal point of view. In that way it sounds like it is meant to be an introspective psalm. While it is good to pray as a group there is importance in praying for and by ourselves.

This praying for ourselves isn’t just asking God for what we want to make our lives what we dream them to be. No, this praying for ourselves is knowing what we truly need and pleading with the Father for it. One of the things that we should know to pray for ourselves is what the psalmist talks about in this verse. It is important to see our need for God’s mercy.

Mercy is only asked of someone that is able to offer it and is one of those things that can only be asked about when we know our need of it. When we know our need of it, we will know who we need to ask mercy of and of course there is no one we need mercy from more than we do from the Lord. The sin in our lives have tarnished us so badly and God’s mercy is our only hope.

What kind of cry do we make for mercy? Is it a mere asking or is there more to it? Anything worth asking for is worth asking for in a worthy manner. We are asking the God of the universe, after all. Once we have acknowledged our sin and admit that we need His mercy, we need to approach His throne with humility. Humility is the necessary element.

If our cries for mercy are not made in humility they are not true cries for mercy. We cry for mercy when we know that we can’t do it on our own. When we become aware of the true depth of our depravity we will know there is only One that can pull us out, only One to ask mercy from.

Making It Personal

Have you cried out to God for mercy? How did you cry out? How did God respond to your cry?

Making It Personal Kids

Why do you need to know what is sin in your life before asking for Jesus to have mercy on you? How do you have to ask Jesus for mercy? Why do you have to ask Him humbly for mercy?

Closing Prayer

Father, You alone can grant us mercy. We fail You more than we would like to admit. Please show us mercy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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