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Living in the Light of the Cross

1 John 1:5-10

Verse 10 If we claim we have not sinned, we make Him out to be a liar and His word is not in us.

After seeing that moment of redemption during our time together yesterday we need to pause a moment and look at what that moment of redemption should mean in our lives.

We know that the God-head had this planned from the beginning. The moment that sin entered the world, God set into motion this needed plan. This is an important thing for us to remember as we are living in a sinful world and it is easy to let down our guard about sin and minimize its poisonous effect in our lives.

The cross should not only draw our attention to His sacrifice but to the truth of our sin. We don’t like to think about the fact that we sin and sometimes we find ourselves being in a self-righteous state of mind, denying that we do sin. We look at our lives and compare them with those around us and know that we are much better than they are. This comparison is a denial of our sin. It is saying that we are perfect.

The key verse before us today points out the truth of this mindset. When we deny the sin in our lives we are really denying Jesus and His sacrifice because we are saying that His sacrifice was not needed. By saying He isn’t needed we are saying He was a liar when He said He needed to die for the sins of His people. It is another way of saying that we are our own savior. We think we have all it takes to be perfect and sin free.

John points out in this passage that if we think we are living sin free lives we are living in darkness. The cross is the light that shines on our sins. If there were no sin, there would be no need for the cross. The very fact that there is a cross means that there is sin that needs to be paid for. It is knowing that He had to die for our sins that shines the light into our lives, revealing the multitude of sins hiding in the depths of our hearts. Without acknowledging our sins we won’t see the need for Christ’s crucifixion. We need to live in the light of the cross, confessing our sins because we know that He is faithful and He is just so He will forgive us.

Making It Personal

What importance does the cross play in your life? If you came close to be in the light of the cross, what sins would be revealed? What do you need to do about these sins?

Making It Personal Kids

What is sin? Why do you have to admit you sin? What does Jesus do when you confess your sin?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for making clear what sin is so that we can be aware of it in our lives. Shine the light of the cross into our lives so we can see the truth of ourselves. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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