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Living in Soiled Clothes

Psalm 132

Verse 9 “May your priests be clothed with your righteousness; may your faithful people sing for joy.’”

We ended yesterday with the thought that we are priests and from our verse we know that there is a way we are to be clothed.

The psalmist calls for the priests to be clothed in righteousness. The priests of God had certain attire they were to wear when serving in the tabernacle and it had to be cleaned in a special way to make sure it was clean. Just as they had been neglecting worship of the true God, they weren’t living in the pure ways that they had been instructed to. They had allowed themselves to be prostituted out to handmade gods.

As David started gathering the items needed for the Temple his son would build for God, he would have instructed the tribe of Levi to get themselves ready for the tasks that they were supposed to be doing. They were needing to be reminded of the level of cleanliness that would reflect the holiness of God.

Part of the reason that this reminder is in this song of ascent is to help the travelers remember the holiness that is expected of God’s people. Moses had been given many laws and regulation for the people to follow so that they would live as God desired them to live. It would serve to set them apart from the other nations and help them reveal God’s holiness.

It is also a reminder for us that our lives show just how much we love the Lord. When He is top of our life it should be obvious in our lives. Not only should it obvious to us but also to those that we come into contact with. If those that we work with or live with can’t tell a difference in us compared to those in the world, we are not living as a reflection of Him.

As priests of Almighty God, we need to make sure we are clothed with righteousness. This means our actions must be glorifying to God and our speech must be exhibiting holiness. There should be no doubt to those around us that Jesus has shed His blood to cleanse us from the sins of life. That should mean we are prepared to sing for joy!

Making It Personal

Are you clothed with righteousness? Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of your spiritual attire? Is God satisfied with it?

Making It Personal Kids

Why does it matter how you act and talk? Are there things that you say or do that you shouldn’t? What is something you should do to show you love Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, we haven’t been living as clean as we should have. Give us conviction as we need it so that we can change to be who You desire us to be. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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