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Light Bulb Moments

Luke 24:35-49

Verse 45 Then He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.

Yesterday we talked about the couple from Emmaus who walked with the Lord on the road and then met Him for who He is when He broke the bread at their house.

As soon as they realized it was Him, He disappeared. And they left immediately to head back to Jerusalem. Upon entering the city they hurried to where the disciples were locked in together. They were so excited to share that they had seen the Lord and then they hear that He had appeared to Peter too.

As the group was listening to the accounts of those who had seen Him, Jesus appeared in the locked room (John 20:19). They were all startled and shocked and found it hard to believe that was Him. Even though they had just been talking about Him being alive they were all amazed that He was.

The couple from Emmaus had said that their hearts burned as He showed them about Himself from the Old Testament and He knows that this group needs the same information so they can preach the truth of His being the Messiah. The Jewish people would not believe it about Him without proof from the Old Testament. To be effective spreaders of the Gospel, they had to know the facts behind what they said.

This is important for us too. We don't need to know Greek or Hebrew to show the truth of Christ to others, but we do need to know the facts of what we are sharing. We must know Christ personally to be able to share about Him. These followers of Christ did something else that we need to do, share with each other what He does in our lives. When we do this it will help us grow in our faith of Him and it will build our relationship with each other.

Making It Personal

Where has Christ showed up in your life? Do you share what He does in your life with others? What has He done recently that you need to share with other believers?

Making It Personal Kids

What have you learned from Jesus? Have you told anyone about it? Who can you share it with today?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for showing us the truth of who You are. Help us know the deeper truths of You so that we can share who You are with others. In Jesus' name, amen.

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