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Let’s Sock it to Him

2 Samuel 16:20-23

Verse 20 Absalom said to Ahithophel, “Give us your advice. What should we do?”

Having accepted Hushai’s claims of deserting Absalom turns to Ahithophel for some advice about what to do now that he is in Jerusalem. Hushai may not have thought he would need to start listening to plans so quickly but it was what he was there for. Ahithophel didn’t take much time to think about what Absalom should do.

Remember Ahithophel had been one of David’s counselors. David had trusted him greatly or he wouldn’t have been in the position. Absalom seems to have chosen Ahithophel for more than his advice. Having a former advisor of his dad gave Absalom a way of knowing what his dad would expect and what would bother the king the most when Absalom wanted to get under his dad’s skin. He hadn’t chosen Ahithophel on a whim.

In this situation Absalom is wanting to do what he can to make his dad very upset. Another way this situation was going to benefit the acting king was he was going to be able to show the people of Jerusalem he was now in charge. He may also have been trying to see just how loyal Hushai was going to be to him.

Ahithophel suggests something which may seem a bit outrageous to us but Absalom was wanting to make a point and this was bound to do it. This was a way he could mock his dad, rattle the minds of the people of the city and put the nation on notice there was a new man in charge. He wanted to make a big statement which would help him set himself up as the one the people should be looking up to and seeking judgment from.

What Absalom may not have known was by listening to Ahithophel he was fulfilling the prophecy given to his father. In 2 Samuel 12:11 Nathan told David about trouble coming from his household and taking his wives and using them as his own in the view of the town. It may even have been the same roof top porch where David had looked down on Bathsheba and now it was the place Absalom took his stand against his father’s kingdom.

Making It Personal

When have you sought advice from someone because you knew they would tell you what you wanted to hear? Who can you trust to give you good advice? Can you be trusted for godly advice?

Making It Personal Kids

Who do you go to for advice? Why do you go to them? Do you want to be able to give good advice to your friends?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for placing people into our lives to give us good advice. Give us wisdom of who is a good person to seek advice from and help us remember we should always seek Your advice first. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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