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Leaving a Life of the Mundane

2 Peter 1:3-10

Verse 10 So, dear brothers and sisters, work hard to prove that you really are among those God has called and chosen. Do these things, and you will never fall away.

We come to the end of our week studying the various ways we need to cease to keep the Sabbath properly. Today we look at the last thing we need to cease from, a pursuit of meaninglessness and the hum-drum of daily living.

One of the things that we need to remember is that ceasing is a verb. We can’t cease in a way that nothing is getting done. God created us to be productive and not just in the natural sense but also in the spiritual sense. God never does anything without purpose. His creating us was not an accident and therefore we know that He has something for us to do while we are here, even as we keep the Sabbath.

God has called us to be His ambassadors to this world. We are never “off the clock”. Those who encounter ambassadors see them as an example of the people from the country from which they are ambassador. If an ambassador acts rudely, those they encounter will view their whole nation as that type of people. The same is true for the ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. People of the world look at us and question the type of God we serve. If we are pursuing a meaningless life or a meaningless Sabbath they aren’t going to be seeing God.

Our lives are to be ceasing from looking as the world we are in, so that we are reflecting the world we represent, namely the kingdom of God. We can’t give good representation of the Kingdom of God if we are living like we have no meaning in life. This can’t be just how we live during the week. If our Sabbath is lived as hum-drum instead of with purpose we are misrepresenting who God is and we are misusing His gift of a Sabbath.

Like anything else in the Christian life we need to be intentional about how we live. Our Sabbaths are meant to be used with just as much intentionality as the rest of the week. We need to know why God commanded a day to cease. It wasn’t an absentminded choice. He knew that if we continued non-stop we would start causing issues to our health – both body and mind. We are to be His ambassadors and that requires living not as the world lives – go, go, go – but as a man or woman of the Kingdom of God – one who is not afraid to cease from what drives the world.

Making It Personal

How can you be intentional about ceasing on Sunday from the normal work of the week? Is there a way to cease on Sunday without it becoming a boring day? Take some time and reflect on what a normal Sunday looks like for you.

Making It Personal Kids

What are some things you do on Sunday? Do you know why you do them? What is something you think God wants you to do on Sunday?

Closing Prayer

Father, please forgive us the times we have not been the ambassadors that we should have been for You. Help us understand the need for ceasing on the Sabbath. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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