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Law Eternal

Psalm 119:145-152

Verses 151-152 Yet you are near, Lord, and all Your commands are true. Long ago I learned from Your statutes that You established them to last forever.

We talked yesterday about how those that despise the Lord and His law are further from God than those who love the law. The psalmist loved the law and knew that put him in a place to praise God forever.

The psalmist builds on his understanding that being away from the law means being away from the Lord. Notice though that he doesn’t say that it is his working at obeying the law that brings him closer to God. It isn’t about working our way closer to God but understanding that He is near and His holiness, or our acknowledgement of it, brings us to the point of seeing our sin for what it is.

Beyond acknowledging that the law of the Lord is true the psalmist sees that it is eternal. The law isn’t given for this life alone. The man of song understood that if the law was not eternal, it couldn’t be the law of a holy God. Only God’s holiness could set forth a law so pure that it could have eternal effect. Knowing that His law is eternal should remind us of His being eternal and that He created us to be eternal too. In fact maybe it would serve us well to think about things from the eternal perspective.

We know that God cannot coexist with sin, His holiness can’t allow it. While the law is a struggle to live by in this life, it will not be a chore in eternity. Being in God’s presence will have us completely surrendered to living in alignment to His desires. Our love of Him and pure worship of Him will not allow us to sin. We will have zero desire to go outside His will. This is of course if we are His chosen children.

If we aren’t His children we will be knowing the full effect of separation from God. This is the most agonizing experience any soul can endure as we can witness in Jesus’ time on the cross. What we seem to miss in the way we live in this life is that the law is part of the key to living with God. We aren’t saying that it is the obeying of the law itself that brings relationship with God. But we must admit that without the law, we miss knowing God and close relationship with Him. Yes, our sins are paid for and we can’t lose our salvation, but we can, and often do, miss the benefits and joy of living for Him because we think sin is more enjoyable. We couldn’t be more wrong. Obedience is the key to a vital relationship with Him and that is where great joy comes from.

Making It Personal

Have you looked at eternity as the place where you will finally obey the Lord fully? What holds you back from full obedience today? Could the thing that you find hard to obey about be a god in your life?

Making It Personal Kids

How does sin get in the way between you and Jesus? Do you have things in your life that you know Jesus wouldn’t be happy about? What are you going to do to make Jesus happy today?

Closing Prayer

Father, the knowledge that heaven is sinless should give us a desire to live for You in such a way that we are already enjoying that eternal close relationship with You. Holy Spirit reveal to us the sins that are hindering our walk with You. Help us measure our lives against the law. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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