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It's Not Fair!

Luke 12:13-21

Verse 13 Someone in the crowd said to him, “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.”

Today we start our final parable. And what do you know, the background to this story is about two brothers. And these two brothers are upset about their inheritance. It doesn’t sound like much has changed in the world.

The little brother in our key verse is wanting a portion of his brother’s inheritance. Now we can be pretty sure he was a younger brother because an oldest brother would be already receiving the larger amount of inheritance. This shows more about these brothers’ relationship than the surface issue of the money. It really appears that the younger brother seems more upset about the money distribution than the loss of their father.

This fact about this brother shows us that his real problem is his selfishness. This man was trying to get Jesus to side with him. The man wasn’t asking Jesus for an opinion, he was telling Jesus to make a judgment against his brother. He was acknowledging Jesus being a prophet but yet again was revealing his self-focus.

Jesus had just been talking about not being worried about how to defend themselves if brought to court and that must have brought up this thought for our man about his issue with his brother. Once again it shows how this man’s thoughts were on himself.

As we delve into this parable we will see how selfishness is only part of the heart issue that this man was displaying. And on a personal note, we each have more experience with these heart issues than we would care to admit. Selfishness is so common to us due to our human nature that we easily dismiss it as something of little importance. Yet there is no sin that is of low importance. Let’s delve into this parable and see the truth of ourselves and see how God’s economics are different than the world’s.

Making It Personal

What is an area in your life that you deal with selfishness? How have you seen the sin of selfishness lead to other sins? How serious are you about not letting sin overtake your life?

Making It Personal Kids

What does it mean to be selfish? Are you ever selfish? What can you do to learn to not be selfish?

Closing Prayer

Father, forgive us for the times we have cheapened You Son’s sacrifice by loving our sin more than we love You. Give us wisdom to grow in Your ways. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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