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Introduction: Why Believe The Bible?

Copyright by Freedom in Christ, used with permission.

Hi! Welcome to The Freedom in Christ Course. This app* will be your on-the-move companion as we unpack together the amazing truths of who God our Father is, and who you really are in Christ.

We’ll be exploring how to: believe what the Bible says is true even when it doesn’t feel like it; resolve the effects of issues from the past that may be holding you back (even the deepest, most painful things in you that you think can never change); and get rid of patterns of negative thinking that can stop you growing. When that’s all dealt with, we’ll be equipping you with tools to not just stay free, but to go on to maturity as a Christian and live a life that really has an impact for Jesus in this world.

Every day you will get a short message to help you think a little more about your life, your freedom, and your purpose. The messages will be short and snappy to help reinforce what you learn in each session and really apply the truth to your life.

What we will be talking about throughout this course is based firmly on what is written in the Bible, and so in today’s introductory session, we’ll be asking a crucial question: Why should we trust the Bible?

*Download the Freedom in Christ app in your device's app store.


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