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If We Didn’t Know the End

John 20:1-10

Verse 1 Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance.

When we have known a story since we were children we can read it without excitement because we know how it ends. The story of the resurrection is that kind of story.

Our key verse for today begins one of the most recited stories. And though it is a vital story to tell, we too often look at it through the eyes of indifference because it no longer holds the excitement due it. We take it for granted because resurrection is something that we believe happened. To redeem this day in our hearts, we need to think about it from the view that the women and disciples experienced.

The disciples and the devoted women had heard what Jesus had said about rising again the third day. They had also witnessed the raising of Lazarus. They knew He had power to do miracles that they had never seen before and yet in some ways they still limited His power to His physical person. They saw the crucifixion as the end. If they hadn’t seen it as the end, the women would not have been heading to the tomb to put more burial spices on His body.

This had been an emotional rollercoaster of a few days and there had likely been many tears shed as well as moments of fear, wondering if soldiers would come for them as well. It is with these heavy hearts that the women head to the tomb before daylight. (Our verse today mentions only Mary Magdalene going to the tomb that Sunday morning but the other three gospels all mention other women that were with her.) What they find sends them into an emotional spiral they weren’t expecting. They took for granted that His body would be there to be tended but it wasn’t there. They didn’t know what to think. Where could His body be?

There had to be many thoughts going through their minds as they tried to figure out where He was. But the one thought that seemed to be most elusive was the idea that He could in fact be alive again. Their despair was great and sorrow so deep that Mary Magdalene couldn’t even recognize Him when He spoke to her in the garden. She was shocked because she had taken for granted that He was dead. She had thought the most wonderful time of her life was when Jesus cast the demons out of her. That is until this moment. The man she had followed and admired more than any other was all that she had thought and more. He was the risen Messiah!

Making It Personal

Have you ever spent a few minutes reflecting on the importance of His resurrection? What does His resurrection mean to you? In what ways have you taken His resurrection for granted?

Making It Personal Kids

Why is Easter special? What do you think Jesus’ friends thought when they saw He was alive again? Where is Jesus today?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for this reminder of this monumental event. Only You could have conquered death by rising to life. We know that with this defeating death You have shown us that we too can have eternal life. In the name of our Risen Savior, Jesus, amen.

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