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I Remember Him!

Matthew 13:54-58

Verse 58 And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

I'm sure all of us, even to the youngest, have heard someone say to us, "Oh my, how you've grown!" This is usually followed by memories of when we were younger; often memories we would like to forget. If we see someone who remembers us as a troubled teen we may feel like we are still being judged as that person we used to be. Sadly we may even be guilty of doing that to others. But what bad thing could they have remembered about Jesus growing up? Nothing because He had never sinned!

First let's notice that He went to the synagogue and taught and the people were amazed. Remember He hadn't started His ministry in His hometown and so this was likely the first time some of these people had heard Him speak.

They are amazed at His wisdom and miracles. This reminds us that he hadn't been performing miracles all His life. They make sure that He really is the carpenter, Joseph's. son. Although we know that His earthly father was a upstanding, righteous man, by this we know that Joseph wasn't considered especially wise that he should have a son that was. Jesus had the wisdom of His Heavenly Father.

After Joseph they start marveling at the fact that this could be the son of Mary. He may have even been thought of as the scandalous son of Mary and Joseph, due to her being pregnant for Him before she and Joseph were married. Then the people turn to Jesus' half-brothers. It is like they are saying, "none of them have this wisdom or powers, so where did He get them?" And of His sisters, could it have been that some of these doubting men were their husbands?

In each of these instances they were doubting Him and showing a lack of faith in His abilities and where they came from. They were showing they didn't really know Him at all. They were also showing their true lack of hunger for wisdom. They acknowledged that it was wisdom but they were too concerned about who was giving it to be able to accept it. And this was the reason Jesus didn't do many miracles in His hometown, they couldn't, or wouldn't, believe who He really was, the One sent from God. They couldn't see past His physical nature.

Making it personal

Do you judge people by who they were years ago? Would you like people to look at you as if you were the same person you were growing up? Have you grown spiritually so that it is noticeable in your life?

Making it personal kids

What would you think if one of your friends grew up to be the president of the United States? Do you think it would be hard to have them as a leader? What if they became your pastor, a policeman or your boss? Would you find it hard to obey what they say?

Closing prayer

Father, please give us wisdom in seeing Your servants, as sent by You to teach us, for who they are. Help us not hold them to standards we don't hold ourselves to. Help our faith be higher than our sight. Thank You. In Jesus' name, amen.

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