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I Hope, I Hope, I Hope

Psalm 131

Verse 3 Israel, put your hope in the Lord both now and forevermore.

David has remembered his humble beginnings and reminded his fellow worshipers to choose their thoughts carefully so that they can know the peace of having God’s rule in their lives. Now he reminds the people of God that these two things will lead them to understand the hope that can be put in the Lord.

Putting our hope in God is so important in our life. In fact our entire spiritual sense of being hangs on the hope we put in Him. If we are lacking hope in Him and His promises, it may point to us missing who He is. The only one truly worthy of hope is God. He is the only one who will keep His word every time. We can trust Him and therefore can hope in Him.

David makes the point in this verse that hope isn’t a one-time thing, it is something that we continue to do, to be done now and forevermore. Hope is one of those words that can be both a noun and a verb. The noun, which is the one used in this verse, speaks of trusting and expecting something to happen. The Hebrew speaks of waiting on the Lord, knowing He will do as He has said.

Isaiah said that those who hope in the Lord will find new strength and will have all they need to carry on in His work (Isaiah 40:31). This is a good reminder that having hope in God isn’t just about what He will do for us, it is about having what we need to live out the life He is wanting us to live.

Notice that David didn’t make this a personal thing to do. While it is important to have personal hope in the Lord, David was pointing out the importance it is for the people of God as a whole to hope in the Lord as a body of people. When we join together in our hope of what He is doing through us as a Church we will find that we are united in mission. Being unified in His mission for the Church will bring us a combined energy to more fully carry out what He has called us to do.

What a wonderful thing to praise Him for. He calls us to hope in Him and never gives us reasons to doubt that hope. Let’s put our hope in the Lord, moment by moment and watch Him work!

Making It Personal

Do you find it hard to wait upon the Lord? Why do you think it is difficult to put your hope in Him in some situations? What can you do to help yourself make the choice to wait on Him?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you find it hard to hope in Jesus? What are some things that Jesus has said will happen but are hard to believe? Do you trust Jesus enough to wait for Him to do what He has said?

Closing Prayer

Father, we put our hope in You. You will always complete the work that You begin and we know that includes the work You are doing in us and in the Church. Please give us wisdom in how You want us to wait on You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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