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Psalm 119:49-56

Verse 54 Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge.

We’ve been talking about the comfort we find in the law and what it means for our future but the psalmist shows just how much of a comfort the Word of the Lord is to him.

Other than in preschool, kindergarten or the class of a random “creative” teacher, we wouldn’t think about rules being set to music and yet that is kind of what the psalmist is saying that he does. We may not think of singing at home other than in the shower but singing is a big part of a Jewish household. There are prayers that they sing around the table before and after a meal, and there are various songs they sing for various things that happen in a day and still others for the holy days.

We may not experience a song-filled home life but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fill our lives with the theme of the law. This theme should be the theme of our lives as well. We should ask ourselves what our lives would look like if the law was something that came up regularly. It would probably change some of the things that we fill our lives with.

Did you notice that it isn’t just the psalmist’s house that hold the theme of the law? He said that the law would be his theme wherever he stayed. The law isn’t something that is confined to our home life. This song writer knew the joy of the law. He knew the difference it made in parts of his life and wanted that joy in every part of his life.

This idea of filling our lives with the joy of the law is not natural and therefore we need to make the choice to make it happen. We should want the law flavoring every aspect of our lives. When our lives are singing of His love and goodness others will notice and wonder what is different about us. The law isn’t the reason for the singing, it is the giver of the law that is our reason for singing.

The psalmist’s singing isn’t a way of memorizing the law as much as it is his way of praising God for the law. He knew that the law was a reason to give God the glory for setting His people apart from those of the world. And the best way we can praise Him for His law is by living it every day in every situation. We need to let our lives sing of the wonder of His law.

Making It Personal

Does your life sing the joy of His law? What holds you back from praising the Lord for the law? How can you find the joy of the law?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you sing about having rules to obey? Have you ever praised Jesus because He gave you commandments to follow? What is something that would help you be happy about obeying?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for loving us enough to give us the law to follow. Help us find the joy in the law and give us joy in obedience. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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