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Holding On for Dear Life

Psalm 119:81-88

Verses 87-88 They almost wiped me from the earth, but I have not forsaken Your precepts. In Your unfailing love preserve my life, that I may obey the statutes of Your mouth.

We know from yesterday that the psalmist was dealing with people who were setting traps for him. He continues praying about how they treated him and what it drove him to do.

Setting traps for the songwriter wasn’t enough for these arrogant people. Just as the arrogant people of Jesus day set traps until they could take Him down, the people who were working to wear down the psalmist, were aiming to take him down. They were doing everything they could to squash the way he lived. They likely were trying to make others lose faith in him as well so that they could keep others from following his example.

Though the song smith was sure that his life could be in danger if he fell into their traps, he held tight to the law. He understood that he needed the law and to understand it. Knowing the law is one thing but understanding how God could be using it in your life is another thing entirely. This is something that we don’t give as much thought as we probably should.

The law is complex to some and freeing to others. We can look at the law as a weight to be carried or a ladder to climb for a better life. It isn’t that the law is heavy to those who love the Lord. It shouldn’t bring us down but lift us up. It brings us closer to Him as we seek and obey Him. That is the thing that bothers the arrogant people so much. They are arrogant meaning that they think they are better than others but if someone is getting closer to God they are living in a way that will reveal the hypocrisy of the arrogant person.

This man of song prayed that his life would be spared, but not for the reason most of us would ask to be spared. He wasn’t asking to be kept alive so that he could make more of himself in this life. No, this man of God asked that the Lord would protect his life so that he could continue obeying the law. His whole desire was to obey God so that he could make God and His righteousness known. This should make us think about the reasons that we ask God to remove hardships in our lives, is it for His glory or our gain?

Making It Personal

Is your life so reflective of God that His enemies would want to silence you? Do you love the law enough to see it as something to hold onto no matter what happens? Do you love God enough to ask Him to preserve your life so that you can obey the law?

Making It Personal Kids

Do others know that you love Jesus? Do you obey the commandments even when others make fun of you for doing it? Are you more excited about obeying the commandments than being popular?

Closing Prayer

Father, we know they may be after us to smear Your name because we hold to Your law, but we want to bring You glory. Please give us the understanding of Your law that we need so that we will desire to obey You in everything. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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