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Heritage and Legacy

Psalm 119:105-112

Verses 111-112 Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart. My heart is set on keeping Your decrees to the very end.

The psalmist has once again mentioned the danger of the snare of sin and he follows that with yet another declaration of his commitment to the law of the Lord.

The man of song makes an important statement in his reiteration of his commitment to the word of the Lord. His stating that the statutes are his heritage shows that he has the benefit of knowing them from childhood. While some were first generation law lovers he had the blessing of having a heritage of them. He also seems to want to make sure that God’s laws are his legacy too.

We have mentioned before in our study of this psalm that we often miss the joy that can come from knowing the law. What was it that brought this man joy when he focused on the law that we seem to be missing? His repeating how the law brings him joy right after talking about the heritage that was his may reveal some of what brought him to the place of joy. Joy because God had blessed his family in the past by the law and would bless the future generations for the same.

Knowing that it wasn’t just about him and his life gave him a deeper drive for understanding the law of the Lord. He found joy in knowing that God had been faithful to his family in the past and would be faithful in the future. The law was proof of God’s love, to him, his family and the whole nation of Israel, this righteous love was then passed on from God to each generation as the people remained faithful to the Lord.

The psalmist finishes this stanza with another declaration of his promise to keep the commands of God for the rest of his life. Taking this declaration in the shadow of his comments about heritage shows that he may not have been seeing this promise for himself. He may have been saying that he is promising that he will do his part in helping the future keep the promise to obey God’s law too, leaving a true legacy. This mindset will bring us joy in the law as well.

Making It Personal

How has your heritage shaped your spiritual life? What are some ways that you have tried to influence the children in your life to love the law of the Lord? Can you declare love for the law?

Making It Personal Kids

What have you learned about loving Jesus from your mom, dad and grandparents? Does knowing your mom and dad love Jesus help you love Him? How can you show them that you love God’s law?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for giving us a heritage of love for Your law. Help us know the best ways to live out our love for the law so that those around us will know Your faithfulness too. In Jesus’ name. amen.

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