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He Did it Himself

Psalm 130

Verse 8 He himself will redeem Israel from all their sins.

Yesterday we talked about the Lord being our only true source of hope because of His unfailing love and redemption, but what is that redemption?

Many of the old hymns held deep theology that would help remind the singer what they believed, this song is no different. This verse holds the key to one of the most important theological truths in the Christian faith. It is so easy to miss this important truth if we just read it without thinking about its meaning.

We often speak about Christ being our redeemer but that doesn’t mean anything unless we know the truth about Christ and His deity. Unless we know that Jesus was God in the flesh we miss the truth of His redemption of His people. It wasn’t just a matter of His shedding His blood. If that blood was the blood of a mere man who was fully human it wouldn’t have been worthy of the sacrifice.

This verse says it was God, Himself, that redeems us. He could only do that by becoming a worthy sacrifice. God had instituted the sacrificial system. It was set up well before Christ came. When Adam and Eve first sinned in the Garden of Eden, God shed the blood of an innocent animal to provide coverings for them (Genesis 3:21). The innocent, perfectly whole animal had its life taken from it to please God and satisfy the needs of the loved humans. And He promised Eve that someday a woman descendant would bear the One to redeem God’s people. God chose a young woman named Mary to carry out His plan.

Jesus grew up perfectly sinless, not because Mary was perfect but because as the God-man He was perfect. He never sinned meaning that He was the perfect one to stand in our place for the punishment of our sins. The psalmist, through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, prophesies about this incredible thing that God is going to do. The reason for their hope in God is none other than that He came Himself to do the thing that we couldn’t do for ourselves. He took it upon Himself to redeem us in the only way possible. Through the shedding of His own precious blood. Oh that we should praise Him for this!

Making It Personal

Why is it important for you to remember that Jesus is God? How serious do you take that sacrifice in your life? Is His sacrifice enough reason for you to make a full surrender to Him?

Making It Personal Kids

Why is it important to remember that Jesus is God? How important was Jesus dying on the cross for you? What are you going to do because you know Jesus gave His all for you?

Closing Prayer

Father, One in Three. We can’t comprehend Your being a Triune God but we are forever grateful that You are. If I wasn’t for Your Godly sacrifice we would have no hope, but because of You we do. Help us live in a way that reflects our thankfulness of Your sacrifice. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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