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Goody Two Shoes?

Psalm 125

Verse 4 Lord, do good to those who are good, to those who are upright in heart.

Knowing from our time together yesterday that we are to be influencers let’s look a bit deeper at the type of influencers that God desires us to be.

The psalmist understood that there are two opposing types of influencers. He was intentional about helping his fellow God followers see the truth of the being different. He knew the importance of not looking like the people of the world and knew that God was pleased with His people living in the way He had commanded.

Notice that this verse of the journey hymn is a prayer of worship. He was helping the people ask God to be good to those who lived a righteous life. The first line makes it sound like it was for all people who behave well but then he adds the last part of the verse and the reality becomes very clear. This isn’t just anyone who looks or acts well, this is talking about those who are upright.

Being upright refers more to one’s relationship with God than it does with a person’s moral reputation. There are those that believe that all good people go to heaven but the truth of the matter is that only those who are in right standing with God through the redemption of His Son, Jesus, will enter the eternal reward of Heaven. While we need to live lives that have a reputation that points towards Christ, it can’t be simply a moral looking life.

So what is the difference between upright and moral living? One has to do with relationship and one doesn’t. If we want to be known as people of God we need to make sure that relationship is in tune. We can’t just live so others think we are good. Our goal can’t be self-focused. When we hope that others will notice us our goodness, we are not living an upright life, we are living a self-driven life. To live an upright life we need to be intentional about our relationship with God and reflecting Him in every area of our lives. Then we won’t be able to wait to be on the journey of worship. It will be a joy to be spending time with others worshiping the God of all creation. It will be a foretaste of Heaven.

Making It Personal

Do you live morally or uprightly? What about your life proves that? Are there things that need improvement in your life?

Making It Personal Kids

Is it good enough to be a good person? How did Jesus live? What does it look like to live for Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for calling us into relationship with You. Help us see the difference between living uprightly for You and just living like a good person to have people like us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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