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God, You Are Invited

Psalm 132

Verse 8 ‘Arise, Lord, and come to Your resting place, You and the ark of Your might.

They have brought the Ark to its new place of honor and now they start the welcome ceremony.

Remember that this is a recap of the history of David and the Ark of the Covenant. After bringing the meeting place to the city of Jerusalem, David worshipped God by asking Him to come and rest among His people. This was a way of helping the people of God remember how it all started in the wilderness. They had heard the story about Moses going up the mountain to meet with God. They knew about the cloud descending on the mount and the sound of thunder as God met with Moses. They would have heard about the pillar of cloud and fire leading the people of God.

When the tent of meeting, otherwise known as the tabernacle, was finished in the wilderness, the cloud descended onto it as a symbol of God taking His place on the Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies. This call for God to come to Jerusalem is one of celebration. It is saying that they recognize Him and want Him to dwell in their presence.

By acknowledging the power of His presence, which was exhibited in the Ark, they were acknowledging who He is and showing who is worthy of our praise and adoration. This song is to draw the people’s thoughts to God’s worthiness of praise so that they would rejoice at this new placement of the Ark. Remember, these people of God had not been living lives of praise to the Father. The worship of idols was obvious in every town and there was little knowledge of the teachings of God since the people were more interested in the ways of the people around them that they hadn’t killed or kicked out of the land.

We also need to acknowledge the difference of God’s presence in our lives and the joy we find in the idols in our lives. We need to make sure that His praise is the only thing coming from our lips and lives. If we aren’t excited about coming together to worship Him we need to ask ourselves why. Only when He becomes our only God will we find the joy in coming into His presence. He refuses to coexist with the other gods we have in our life and we shouldn’t ask Him to.

Making It Personal

Do you find that you struggle between worshiping God and focusing on the things that vie for your attention? Have you welcomed God into your worship? How can you makes sure that God remains your only focus?

Making It Personal Kids

How can you know if Jesus is your only God? What problems come if Jesus isn’t the only one you are worshiping? How can you worship Jesus today?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess that there are times that we have allowed other things to come into our life and push You out. Convict us when we are starting to look to something other than You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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