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Giant and Royal Attacks

Psalm 124

Verse 6 Praise be to the Lord, who has not let us be torn by their teeth.

We have talked about the attacks that happen on social media and how we don’t often experience physical attacks. But how does the Lord want us to handle these situations?

David was praising the Lord for keeping His people from being damaged by their attackers. Notice he wasn’t saying that God kept them from being attacked, just that they weren’t permanently damaged. God isn’t going to keep us from attacks but He does have ways He wants us to handle them when they come.

Of course David didn’t have the benefit we have of seeing how Christ handled such attacks but David had enough of his own to know how God would have us stand up against the attacks of those who see us as enemies. David’s most famous stand for God was taken as a young man, who was still considered a child by some, against a foe that every man of Israel’s army was too afraid to fight. David saw the fight as God’s fight and took his stand against a man who verbally attacked the Israeli army.

David’s stand against the mighty Goliath and the other Philistines made him very popular with the people of God but not with the king of the land. King Saul became so jealous of David that he set his heart to hunting down the younger man to kill him. The king had tried to attack David by throwing spears at him. But David didn’t see these attacks as something to cause a battle.

David was so dedicated to only attacking on God’s lead that he wouldn’t even kill the king when given the opportunity. In fact he felt guilty for even having the corner of king’s robe cut when the opportunity to kill him presented itself. David, knowing that God had anointed Saul as the king, knew that it was a sin to threaten the king. David confesses this sin to the very one who had been attacking him. This is a great lesson for us to remember that when we are feeling under attack we should still treat the other person with the respect they deserve. Jesus never would have disrespected someone because it would be disrespecting His creation, this is not to say He wouldn’t speak the truth to them. We need to learn the difference between respect and tolerance. Respect is good and does not eliminate truth. Tolerance is a faux respect that sacrifices truth.

Making It Personal

What does taking a stand for truth or God look like to you? Is truth important to you? What are ways you can show respect for someone during an attack against you?

Making It Personal Kids

What does truth mean? How can you show someone respect? Why is it important to respect someone who is attacking you with their words by using truth?

Closing Prayer

Father, we praise You for examples of how to show respect and speak truth when being attacked. Give us the wisdom on how to present the truth in love during times of attack. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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