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Generations of Blessings

Psalm 128

Verse 6 May you live to see your children’s children—peace be on Israel.

There is something special in seeing our children loving the Lord and living lives that please Him. How much more of a blessing it is when we also see the next generation growing in their love for the Lord.

Years ago there was a popular poem about how children learned how to live by how they were being raised. If we were to look at society today we could say that many must not have taken that to heart. As Christians we have an important task before us as parents. Not only are we bringing up the next generation to be productive adults, we need to be intentional that they aren’t just being good but that they are growing in their understanding of what it means to be Godly.

As these families traveled along together, singing these songs of preparation, it was imperative that they remember that going to Jerusalem to worship God was more than just a great big festival. The reason God had called His people together for these three festivals was because there were incidents that needed to be remembered. God had revealed His faithfulness and He wanted them to remember it. Therefore it was important to not just go to the party but remember what it was about.

God knew that if He instructed them to come yearly to celebrate His goodness in the past, that His people would remember who He is and what He can do. Because they were His children He wanted them to remember and He wanted them to teach their children to understand this as well so that all future generations would remember that God is the Lord of all ages and that He should be praised.

One of the festivals was Passover and during that observance there is a portion where the child asks the reason for the meal. Knowing children we can be sure that there were times along the journey to Jerusalem when they asked the questions of why and where of the trip. What a perfect opportunity to share the goodness of God with them.

Children still ask questions about God and as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles we have the honor of pointing out God’s faithfulness. Children are a blessing from the Lord!

Making It Personal

Who was someone in your life that helped you grow to know God’s faithfulness? How did they help you know His faithfulness? Who have you helped understand His faithfulness?

Making It Personal Kids

Who has helped you learn about Jesus being faithful? How has Jesus been faithful in your life? Who can you tell about how He has been faithful?

Closing Prayer

Father, Your faithfulness and blessings are more than we could express. Help us share this with others and to always be ready to give an answer as to what we believe about You and why. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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