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1 Samuel 18:1-4

Verse 3 And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself.

Now that David was living with the king he was getting to know the family of the king. Saul's son, Jonathan hit it off with the young man and it wasn't long before a true blue friendship was forged.

God has wired us for community and friendship is a wonderful part of that. David was coming into a part of his life which would require the deepest of friendships. While it may seem like a wonderful thing to be living with the royal family, it would come with struggles that David had never experienced before. And it was showing the future king that all is not rosy in a royal life. As it is said, the higher the position, the greater the responsibility.

As with any good friendship there were moments of laughter and fun as well as times of deep talks of life. Jonathan was likely a bit older than David and could provide some much needed wisdom into the younger man's life. These times of conversation were not limited to things of being a royal, but also of life. They may have even talked about girls. But it wasn't just a mentorship, it was a friendship which means both parties were benefited by it.

We may ask ourselves what a man could gain from a friendship with a younger man – or a woman from a younger woman – and we may be surprised that much can be gained when we allow ourselves to befriend those who aren’t in our age bracket. We learn from Jonathan that it requires humility. The prince had no reason for thinking that he had to help this kid. It wasn’t going to benefit him in the way friendships with other high ranking and influential people could. But Jonathan didn’t care about gaining a name for himself, he was wanting to influence the lives of others.

For the relationship to work David also had to be humble so that he could receive the wisdom of his friend. David provided Jonathan someone who cared about him not his position. These men spent quality time together and it didn’t put their manhood in question, it actually enhanced it. They helped each other grow closer to God. This should be the standard for any Christian friendship.

Making It Personal

Who would you say are your 5 closest friends? In what ways have those friendships influenced your life for Christ? In what way have you influenced those friends for Christ?

Making It Personal Kids

Who are your closest friends? Do they help you get to know Jesus better? Do you help them grow closer to Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the wonderful gift of friendship. Help us to choose our closest friends by how much they help us grow closer to You. And help us live in a way that helps them grow closer to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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