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Foxhole Promises

Psalm 132

Verses 3-4 “I will not enter my house or go to my bed, I will allow no sleep to my eyes or slumber to my eyelids,”

We talked yesterday about David’s special relationship with the Lord. This relationship was what led David to make the vow he made. Let’s look at the wording at the beginning of his vow.

Many have given God promises like those referred to as foxhole conversions. These promises come in the way of saying something like, “if You get me out of this I will…” Most of us have made such comments in prayers without thinking about it in the light that we are really trying to bribe God.

When we understand it as we are bribing God we don’t feel so good about it, do we? We must think about why we make these types of promises to God and the truth behind them. A bribe is seldom about the other person. We bribe people because we want to get our way in the situation. It doesn’t matter if it is our children, parents or God, we want what we want and will do what we can to get it.

A child may even try holding their breath to get their way. We don’t usually give in to our children when they use these tactics and yet we tend to try the same tactics with God. We try to act in certain ways and say the things we think we are supposed to say to bring His favor upon us so that He will give us what we want. We don’t really care about living the way He wants but if it gets us what we want then we will make the effort.

David was not making this kind of promise. His vow was not self-focused. He was promising that he would not do things that would bring him pleasure so that God could have what God deserved. He was wanting to make sure God was being worshiped the way He should be in a place that would be fitting for Him. Knowing God was the ultimate being brought David to say that God deserved the best dwelling in the capital city.

David’s vow was about God and His glory. When we come to know God as our Lord we will see that His glory and desires are more important than ours. If we were to look for ways to bring glory to God instead of trying to get what we want, we would be finding our relationship with God being more than that of an acquaintance.

Making It Personal

Have you ever made a “foxhole” promise to God? What was the result? What kind of promise could you make that would be more like David’s?

Making It Personal Kids

What kind of promises does Jesus like? Should you keep promises? What promise can you make to Jesus that would bring Him praise?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess that there are times that we have made promises that were selfish and self-serving. Father, please forgive us for not seeking Your glory above our own. Show us how to love You better. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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