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Following Their Example

Acts 2:42-47

Verse 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common.

Today we reach the end of our series, Devoted Essential Practices of the New Testament Church. Let’s recap our various themes.

We started out the series talking about being committed to the journey of faith. We talked about how we often take our faith in things for granted and how we need to be intentional in placing our faith in God because He is always faithful.

Next we discussed the importance of making a choice! And not just any choice but the choice to obey God at every turn in life. No matter the cost and no matter if you feel like it. It is a choice to obey Him as our Lord.

Thirdly we talked about how family is a basic need for life. We also learned that the Church family is a basic need for the Christian as they help us grow by teaching us, holding us accountable and loving us. Being a family is one thing that will draw people to the Church because people long to belong and feel loved. This is a vital practice of the Church.

Next we learned about what it means to let our light shine in the darkness that is all around us. This practice of holy living gives the world a glimpse of the Holy God. If we claim that Jesus is Lord in our life, our lives should be reflecting only Him.

We finished our series with the important reminder that the New Testament Church was known for how it praised the Lord. This is something that should be evident in our lives too. This praise isn’t enjoying endless good times in life, this praise is the gritty kind of praise that chooses joy even in the hurts and trials of life. Remember, our lives are to reflect Jesus and He didn’t praise God only when things were going wonderfully.

Does our lives reveal the devoted essential practices of the New Testament Church?

Making It Personal

Which principle convicted you the most during this study? Have you taken any steps to change what you have been convicted about? Is He the true Lord of your life?

Making It Personal Kids

How important is it to live like Jesus? What are some ways that you praise Jesus? Do you love Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, we praise You for the example of the early Church. Help us put into practice the various things we have learned about living as You would have us live. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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