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Following His Footprints

Psalm 133

Verse 1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

We finished our discussion yesterday with the thought that only through seeking Christ individually and together.

So if we are wanting to have the unity that Jesus prayed for us to have we each need to be looking at what it means to be living as Christ. Does it mean not standing up for anything? Of course not! Does it mean letting people walk all over you? Not really. Does it mean turning a blind eye to sin? Not at all. Does it mean loving everyone? Yes, even our enemies.

There are those that have been telling lies about Jesus saying that He tolerated everyone and thought it was okay to live however feels good to us. Jesus was not a passive person that taught it didn’t matter how a person lived. He saw the truth of people and looked at the state of their heart. He may have dealt with those who claimed holiness firmer than those who didn’t but that is because He knew God’s standards are higher than that of the world.

Only during His trial did he allow Himself to be treated as a common criminal and be beaten and mishandled. And that was for our good. He knew He wasn’t worthy of death but He knew we were. During the rest of His life He not only stood up for Himself but also for those that He cared about. Sometimes that was a sinner that He knew to have a repentant heart and sometimes it was His care that helped them see the light.

Jesus never overlooked sin. It was dealt with in a loving and correcting manner. Convicting but not condemning. His love for people caused Him to see their sin with a pure hate. A hate that didn’t want to see the person continue on the path that leads to death.

To find pure unity in Christ we must find ourselves thinking and acting as He did. We need to be standing for truth and what is right. We need to be standing for Him and righteousness. And we must not overlook sin, in ourselves or other believers.

Making It Personal

Why is it important to stand for truth, even firmly? Have you ever let yourself become a doormat for someone? Why is it important to be on the lookout for sin in our lives and the lives of fellow believers?

Making It Personal Kids

Is it hard to stand for truth? Why is it bad for you to allow someone to treat you like you don’t matter? How can you be on the lookout for sin in your life?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for giving us such a great example to follow. Help us know how to follow You in such a way that it binds us closer together in unity. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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