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Every Journey Has an Itinerary

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

John 2:1-11

Verse 4 “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

An itinerary is a document that shows the planned travel route and events along that route. Today's verse tells us that even this journey has a schedule of what is going to happen.

So far in our journey we have talked about the steps of Jesus learning what He was going to know on the journey and yesterday we learned about Jesus' first step of the journey - choosing His first disciples. Today's story tells us how Jesus' mother wanted Him to do something in public that Jesus said was too early to do. You see, Jesus knew that this would be the first non-retractable step of His journey to the cross. Once He started revealing Himself as a prophet of God, and eventually as God Himself, through miracles there was no turning back. When He did it He had to be committed to the entire journey. The following verses show that is exactly what He did. He took the step that would launch a journey that continues to this day. This step was taken in front of His first 5 disciples (see John 1:35-51) and the servants working the wedding. We know from the narrative that the others at the wedding didn't know what had happened and that the servants didn't tell. This helped keep the news about Him getting out too fast. But there were 5 men that this made an eternal difference in - His disciples. John is the one that wrote about this, so this is a first person account.

When the disciples awoke that morning they didn't know that this would be a day they wouldn't forget. We don't always have the full itinerary for our daily journey either but Jesus does and that is why we must follow Him. Every step of the way.

Making it personal

What steps of the journey do you know He wants you to take? Are you taking them? If not why not? Has He ever asked you to take a step that didn't make sense at the time but looking back at it you know He was leading you in the way that brought Him greatest glory?

Making it personal kids

What is the 5th commandment? In this story we see Jesus' mom telling Him to do something He didn't want to do but He still obeyed. Has your mom or dad ever asked you something that you didn't want to do? Did you obey even though you didn't want to? Next time remember this story and choose to obey even though you don't want to so that you can be living like Jesus did.

Closing prayer

Dear Father God, please help us to follow Your Son's example about taking the first step, obeying You and following You every step of the way. Give us the wisdom to know where You are leading. Thank You. In Jesus' name, amen.

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