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Death Conquered!

Matthew 28:1-10

Verse 6 He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay.

The women were on their way with more spices for the body (Luke 24:1). This would be an emotional walk as they grieved for the one they loved. There may have been birds twittering and other sounds of the early morning but they were probably too heart broken to notice. But God was about to shake things up. Literally!

The ground shook violently, another reminder of Jesus' death a few days past. But this was different, it was accompanied by the coming of an angel. The angel goes over to the tomb, rolls away the stone and sits atop it. The women had discussed how they would roll the stone away (Mark 16:3) from the entrance but they didn't expect this! Roman guards were not faint of heart, their training would not have allowed for that and yet these trained men were having an encounter that they had not trained for and so they faint. Yet they didn't faint before seeing who rolled the stone and seeing who was there are the time, women who were there hoping to add spices to the death, not there with men to carry away the body. They were the witnesses to the morning of resurrection. Imagine how often they thought about that morning even though they were paid for their secrecy (Matthew 28:11-15).

The angel was glowing and so the women couldn't help but know that he was from God. And his message, could it be true? The angel tells them what has happened with a reminder that Jesus had said it would be this way. "Go, tell the disciples!" The women leave afraid but filled with joy! Notice that they were running? Jesus met them on the road can you imagine that meeting for both them and Jesus? They fell to His feet worshiping. Jesus reminded them that the disciples needed to know the good news and did you notice that He called them brothers? His being the resurrected Savior did not diminish His love for His closest friends. imagine the joy of the women as they hurried to tell the others.

Their joy should be ours as well. When we follow Him in the way of the cross, we encounter the Risen Savior and when we have met with Him we see that He isn't wanting us to keep the news to ourselves. We have a mission. To truly be His followers, we are to be making sure He is known to everyone, no matter what it costs us. Yes, following in the way of the cross may cost us our life but it can never steal our resurrection!


Making it personal

Do you feel the excitement of Jesus being risen? Are you excited enough to be telling others? How has this journey in the way of the cross changed you?

Making it personal kids

Does it make you excited to know Jesus is not dead? What do you think it was like that morning? Do your friends know about Jesus rising from the dead?

Closing prayer

Father, we praise You! What a glorious morning that must have been! Thank You for Your work of redemption and for conquering death forever for Your children. You alone are God!

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