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Dancing for Joy

2 Samuel 6:10-15

Verse 15 …while he (David) and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets.

A few generations after the ceremony we read about yesterday and the Israelites have moved into the Promised Land and have come into battles. During these battles the Ark of the Covenant had been captured. This wasn’t just some religious relic that had been stolen. The Ark was where the Mercy Seat was located and God had said that He would meet with His people on the Mercy Seat. To have this important piece of Tabernacle furnishing in the hands of the enemy was very upsetting for God’s people.

The event of bringing the Ark of the Covenant back into the portion of the Promised Land occupied by God’s people was a big thing! It wasn’t about defeating the enemy, it was about reconnecting with God. It was this reconnection they were feeling with God because of the Ark being back among them that brought on this celebration.

The king starts out by offering sacrifices to God. He has removed his royal attire and was showing a solidarity with of the people of God. He was dressed as a priest and was dancing with all his might. When was the last time you saw a top official dance as hard as they could out of excitement? It doesn’t seem normal, does it? That’s because joy isn’t something that everyone has. This is a gift from God.

David’s abandonment of social rules to celebrate God is something we should all be noticing in our lives. We may not be dancing in the streets like a maniac but this joy is something that may make us do things that will seem ridiculous to others. This joy David was feeling was pure worship. This wasn’t just about getting the Ark back. It was David knowing that to have the Ark of the Covenant back in his kingdom, would bring the heart of the people back to the God of Heaven. The whole nation had a reason for joy.

Making It Personal

What is something that has happened in your spiritual life that has brought you great joy? What about it brought you joy? What can you take joy in today regarding your relationship with God?

Making It Personal Kids

When do you feel joy about Jesus? Why do you feel joy about Jesus? How can you show your joy about Jesus today?

Closing Prayer

Father, we praise You for the joy You bring us. We long to praise You as You deserve to be praised. Help us always seek the joy of Your never-ending presence. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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