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Crashing Waters

Exodus 14:26-28

Verse 26 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over the sea so that the waters may flow back over the Egyptians and their chariots and horsemen.”

Yesterday we witnessed God displaying His power by confusing the Egyptians. Today we are back with the mass caravan as they witness the power of God.

Our passage today paints quite a scene. We have a sunrise over the sea and the silhouette of Moses raising his arm and staff over the sea. Suddenly the walls of water start crashing back into their natural place. The sights and sounds of that morning must have been astounding. The screams of the panicking Egyptians and the roar of the water would have blended together. And Moses had a front row view.

Moses was once again seeing the power of God displayed because he obeyed the command to raise his staff. He would have seen the Egyptians scrambling and their ever rising level of confusion. He would have seen the walls of water, which likely looked majestic as they walked through the sea on dry land, drop from their holding position. The thoughts that must have been going through Moses’ mind! The relief that the people had made it safely across and the knowledge that it was God that worked out each detail.

The devastation to the Egyptian army was total. There were no survivors. The Israelites were to be God’s witnesses to His mighty power. This is a day that should have set their hearts so solidly on God. After seeing such amazing, unnatural powers how could anyone doubt that God is the great I AM? They have had weeks of seeing God’s power and His protection of them. They had seen the plagues happening all around them and yet there were some of the plagues that didn’t happen in their portion of Egypt. They had watched the plagues of flies and hail do horrible things to the Egyptians and yet God’s people were not affected. They had witnessed the Egyptians willing to give them anything they asked. They had been guided by the pillar of fire and cloud and they had never seen that before this trip. And now they have seen the water of the sea made into walls.

Unless we take what we have seen God do and share it with others, they not come to know His goodness and know to look for Him in life too. We are His witnesses because we have seen Him in action. And if we haven’t seen Him in action, what are we focusing on instead?

Making It Personal

What was the last thing you witnessed God do? Have you shared it with anyone? Who can you share with about His power today?

Making It Personal Kids

What is something you have seen God do? Have you ever told someone about something that God has done? Try looking for something He does today so that you can share it with some people!

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the various ways You show Your power in our lives. Please help us be more aware of You and Your working. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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