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Community Praise

Psalm 92:4-5

Verse 4 For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord; I sing for joy at what your hands have done.

Yesterday we started talking about embracing Sabbath keeping. We continue today with looking at why we worship so we know why we should keep a Sabbath.

How often do we take time to sit and think about why we worship God? If we don’t know God in an intimate way, we can’t know why He deserves worship. One of the blessings of a Sabbath is that we have time to set aside to ponder the ways of God. Not just His working in the big scheme of things but also the very personal way He interacts in our days.

Our verses today give us an insight into how the Psalmist was leading the people in worship. He starts them thinking about the things that God has done for them. And he isn’t having them focus on the works of the Lord on the Sabbath but rather on the things He has done for them all through the week. And notice what he says God’s deeds do, they make us glad. But how can His deeds make us glad if we don’t think about what He has done?

To fully enjoy the gift of Sabbath keeping we need to break from our routine and focus on Him and His deeds. How can we worship Him in fullness without taking the time to recall what He has been up to in our lives? We shouldn’t only be looking back to see what He has done in our lives during the week but also what has He done for the Church family in the last week. Because what goes on in the lives of our Church family should have an impact on our lives as well.

One of the marvelous things that He has done in our lives is giving us a community of believers to do life with. This in and of itself should bring us to praise Him. He created us for community and He has provided it for us. Just as we should be praying for those going through a tough time we are to be rejoicing with those who have reason to rejoice. Community praising comes from a community seeing the things that God is doing among them.

Making It Personal

When was the last time you were intentional about praising with a fellow Christian? When joys and prayer concerns are shared in church do you listen intently or do you let your mind wonder? What do you need to give praise for today?

Making It Personal Kids

Should we praise God for the good things that happen to others? How do we know what God has done in other people’s lives? What can you praise God for today?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for bringing us a Church family to worship You with. Help us be more intentional about being open with each other so we know what You are doing in each of our lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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