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Choices That Bring Glory

Joshua 24:14-28

Verse 15b “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

We have talked about a few different decisions this week and we end the week looking at Joshua’s choice for him and his household.

Joshua had seen a lot in his lifetime. He had been born in Egypt, experienced some of the plagues, walked through the Red Sea on dry ground, was sent as a spy into the Promised Land seeing all the things it had to offer, and had lived in the desert for 40 years. After all of that he had witnessed the amazing way that God had conquered Jericho by knocking the walls down.

Joshua witnessed the choices of others and the results of those choices. For example there was Rahab who chose to believe in the God of the Israelites and was saved in her Jericho wall home as the rest of the wall crashed to the ground (Joshua 2 and Joshua 6). The word of how God had given His people dry land to walk across through the Red Sea had been circulating for years and the Holy Spirit had done His work on her heart. When the spies came to look over Jericho she couldn’t help but profess who she knew God to be. Her decision to protect the men of God shows that she had made the choice for God and she couldn’t help but proclaim it. The result of her choice was that God rescued her from death and placed her in the earthly lineage of Jesus.

Shortly thereafter Joshua witnessed a choice of foolishness. After being told that they should not take certain items for personal use from the spoils of war, Achan decides to take some of the items that were to be dedicated to the Lord (Joshua 7). Of course he couldn’t let anyone know that he had stolen these things so he dug a hole under his tent and hid them there. The results were not just his to deal with. The army lost the battle and then after hearing from the Lord that someone had stolen something, the whole nation had to go through the process of elimination until it was obvious that it was Achan who had stolen the articles. As his punishment, God told Joshua to have the people stone Achan and his entire family.

It was after all this and more that we come to the verse we have before us today. Joshua witnessed all this and then reminded the people they had to choose. But he wasn’t telling them to do something that he wasn’t going to do himself and so he makes the declaration that he has chosen who he is going to serve and it is going to be God. We have the same choice to make, are we going to choose God or ourselves?

Making It Personal

Have you made the choice of whom to serve? Are you serving God? What in your life proves that choice?

Making It Personal Kids

Who do you choose to serve? Are you making choices that show that you have chosen to serve Jesus? What is something that Jesus is wanting you to decide to obey Him about today?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for giving us the gift of choice. Help us always to make the choices that will please You and bring You the greatest glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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