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Can You See God Yet?

Exodus 16:6-7

Verse 7 “And in the morning you will see the glory of the Lord, because he has heard your grumbling against him. Who are we, that you should grumble against us?”

Yesterday God was setting up His test for the Israelites, today Moses and Aaron point out the truth to the Israelites about who they are really upset with.

Up until this point in their fairly new journey the Israelites have been complaining and blaming Moses and Aaron for ruining their lives. They are still unable to see God for who He is as they still can’t bring themselves to fully grasp who the I AM God is. In today’s passage Moses – through Aaron, who acted as his mouthpiece to the people – told the Israelites that they were going to know that evening that it was God who brought them out of Egypt and that they would see God’s glory the next morning.

Wait! Didn’t they know that God had brought them out of Egypt? Surely they didn’t think that Moses had been able to make the sea into walls of water. They couldn’t be so out of touch with God that they had missed the sign of the pillar of fire/cloud. There have been too many signs for them to miss but God isn’t leaving it for them to figure out. He will make sure they know it is Him. That is the only way the test we talked about yesterday will work.

After telling them that they won’t be able to doubt God’s identity any longer Moses drops the reason the Lord is going to reveal Himself again. God had heard the people complaining. Often we think the reason we don’t have what we think we need is because God isn’t listening. The truth is that He is listening. He may not answer the way we want. He doesn’t always say yes, sometimes it is a straight no and sometimes it is a not yet. We need to remember that.

God is not our super vending machine. He isn’t in our lives to make us happy and yet it is so easy to fall in the trap of thinking that is His job. In fact doesn’t thinking He exists to please us, set us up as the deity? We need to do what God was helping His people do, we need to clean our glasses and refocus our attention on Him and His desires. We won’t see Him as our provider if our focus is on if we are getting what we want.

Making It Personal

Is there something that you have been waiting for God to provide for you? Is it a want or a need? If it is a true need, do you trust God to provide it in His time?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you think that God is only there to ask things from? What kinds of things does God provide? Has He provided something for you?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for all the ways You provide for us. Help us keep our focus on who You are, not what You can give. We want You as our God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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