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Building by the Blueprints

Psalm 119:1-8

Verse 4 You have laid down precepts that are to be fully obeyed.

Yesterday we talked about how important it is to seek God with our whole heart and today we see that the psalmist followed that with a reminder about who God is as the law-giver.

The psalmist writes this song as if a prayer. It is an acknowledgement that God is the one giving the law and not the leaders of the temple. This is an important thing for us to remember because if it wasn’t God that gave the law the need for obedience would be lower.

We do need to obey authority figures but there is none so superior as God, Himself. It is this thought that led the psalmist to write today’s verse. Just as the psalm was written with extreme intentionality, so the laws given by God have been given with specific purpose. These laws were not given with hopes that they would be obeyed, He gave them with the intent that they be fully obeyed.

A foundation set in place is done so that the building that is built upon it will be solid and square. But the building doesn’t become less intentional as it rises from the foundation. There is a blueprint that is followed at every step so that it will remain square and solid. This is the way God designed life too. He set the foundation of the law and designed the blueprints that we must follow to remain in His design.

He didn’t leave His law up for interpretation as some lead us to believe. He was firm in His laying the down the law. There are some that are hard to think about as they don’t leave for the variations that we would hope for. We don’t like to think about a rigid law. We love grace but some view grace as an excuse to live in a much less rigid way, free to live as we like. And “as we like” is the key issue we have in living as God has commanded.

God has laid the foundation. He has set the plumb line which we are to align ourselves to. It isn’t that He has asked more of us than He, Himself is willing to live. The truth is that Jesus came as the Christ and lived the purest example of this for our observation. While we can’t keep the law perfectly we must understand that God didn’t give them as suggestions. And when we live as He has commanded us to live, we will find that life doesn’t hold as many issues as it does for those living in opposition to Him. It won’t be a life of ease, but it will be a life that is blessed.

Making It Personal

What is your attitude towards the law of God? Have you used God’s grace as an excuse to sin in a way that you want to? What do you need to work on in your life today?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you like rules? Do you think that Jesus wants you to keep His rules? Do you want to keep His rules?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for setting the firm, square foundation that we need to build on. Give us a growing desire to live as You want us to live. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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