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Bringing in the Harvest

Psalm 126

Verse 6 Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.

Our repenting doesn’t just affect our lives. Since we are part of a bigger picture our repentance will have a ripple effect which will change our world.

When we have true repentance, our lives will look difference. There will be things that are noticeable about us and how we live. And this difference may cause others to see themselves in a new light. The change in our life will reflect Christ. Our ways will now be reflecting His ways and that will bring questions to their minds as they see a change they can’t explain.

Maybe it is an explosive temper that has been replaced by a gracious spirit, or a gossiping mouth that is now quiet. No matter the sin that God has cleansed us from, there will be evidence. God doesn’t clean us up just so He can see it, He wants to use His work in us to reveal Himself to the nations. While we will benefit from the changes He is making in us, those around us will also.

This is the seed that we will carry out to sow. This is the seed we should be desiring to share. When we see the changes we should be so touched by His grace that we can’t help but share the changes He is making in us. We repent to God about wronging Him and then we should confess our sins to our spiritual brothers and sisters so they can hold us accountable (James 5:16) and then we must share with the world the evidence of His grace and mercy to us.

This testimony given to others may be used by the Holy Spirit to bring them into the Church. This will bring great joy among God’s holy people. It will be like a harvest as lives are changed and they are brought into the fold of the Church. Their lives will be changed as they get to know the Lord and the ripple of repentance will continue as they come to the point of repentance. This gives us another reason to praise as we come to worship. When we are seeing others coming into the Church and repenting we will be praising with the angels in Heaven (Luke 15:7).

Making It Personal

How has your life changed through repentance? What difference can be seen in your life? Who have you shared this with?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you see a difference in your life after you have repented? Do you think others can see the difference? Who can you share this news with?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess that we haven’t always been faithful in sharing what You are doing in our lives. Give us the desire to serve You in this way. May our lives bring You great glory and praise among the angels of heaven as others come to repent because of Your work in us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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