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Bright Reflections Light the Way

Matthew 5:14-16

Verse 14 You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Yesterday we started talking about how important it is to let our light shine every moment for Jesus. Today we will take it a bit deeper.

Jesus said that He is the Light of the World and that by following Him there would be no darkness (John 8:12). This isn’t to say there won’t be troubles but that He will always be there to show us the way. It isn’t about us after all. When we see that it is about Him we will learn that it isn’t our flame to show but that it is about reflecting Him and His way of thinking.

This being a light for Jesus is about letting the truth of His teachings flow from how we live. It is treating people like He treated people. It’s about standing for truth even when it isn’t the popular opinion. It is standing against sin even when everyone else thinks it’s no big deal. Often it’s the things that make us look odd to the world and their way of thinking that best reflect Jesus. He stood out as odd even among those in the religious circles.

We need to pause here and take a deeper look at Jesus’ standing out amidst the most religious of His day. If Jesus had just lived to look godly in the light of the priests of His day He couldn’t have been the Savior that we need Him to be. It is so easy to measure ourselves up to those that are thought to be religious by our culture but that isn’t how Jesus wanted us measuring our faith. We need to remember that we aren’t wanting to look like a religious sect. He has called us to live like Him.

So what does it mean to shine like Jesus? His life was lived to the fullest. He had a close band of friends that He could do life with. He didn’t just meet with them on the Sabbath at the Temple or synagogue. No, He knew what it meant to live as a family and do ministry together. And we know that the disciples learned this lesson because in Acts 4:42 we see that they were showing others what it meant to live with Jesus full time.

Light is never meant for itself. It doesn’t keep all the brightness in the bulb for its own benefit. When a light is on it shines for anyone in the vicinity to see what they are doing. This is the truth of our living out loud for Jesus. It isn’t just for us. When we are shining for Jesus, we are propelling the darkness around us.

Making It Personal

How bright is your life shining for Jesus? Are there ways that you should be shining brighter? Are you close enough to Jesus to reflect Him brightly?

Making It Personal Kids

Where does the light shine when you turn on the light? How close is darkness to the light when it is on? What does it mean to shine for Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for giving us Your light to shine. Please help us shine brightly for You, dispelling all the darkness. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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