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Blocked Arteries

Luke 18:1-8

Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Just as a blockage in our arteries causes a lack of blood flow there are hindrances in our lives that keep us from having free flowing communication with God. Yesterday we started talking about things that get in the way of our communication with God. After discussing our fear and lack of relationship we need to tackle the last two hindrances in our relationship with God – lack of priority, or indifference.

While all four of these communication blockers are decisions we make, these last two seem to be the most blatant against what we, as Christians, say we believe. We say that we love God and that He is number one in our lives but these are two ways that we prove with our actions that He isn’t the one on the God throne of our lives.

When we find things that we would rather do than pray we are saying that He isn’t a priority. If we have our schedules so full that we can’t “find time” to pray all we are really saying is that talking to God isn’t that important to us and that we would rather do other things than to be in communication with God. Of course this can be more than about prayer as we can easily find things we would rather do than read our Bible, share the Gospel, or even take time to help someone else. These all show that He isn’t in the Lord spot of our hearts.

When it comes to indifference we realize that we don’t really care about Him in the most basic of levels. We don’t become indifferent to anyone with whom we have the simplest of relationships with. Even among our acquaintances we aren’t indifferent in our actions. We may pass many people as we meander through the grocery store and we often don’t even notice those we pass. How often is that how we treat God through the day? We wonder through our day as if we only have to pay attention to ourselves and what we want.

This leads us to another point and one that these two hindrances rest on – selfishness or self-worship. The only reason that indifference and lack of priority can show up in our spiritual lives and stunt our prayer life is because Jesus isn’t number one in our lives. If He were in the top spot in our lives we would want to be meeting Him in prayer. Then, and only then, can we find ourselves in a position where we can understand the widow in our parable.

Making It Personal

Which of these hindrances are in the way of your prayer life? Had you realized that you had hindrances in your spiritual life? What can you do to intentionally keep hindrances from causing a wedge in your relationship with God?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever felt it was hard to talk to mom or dad after doing something you knew you shouldn’t do? Did you know that if you disobey God that He doesn’t think you love Him as much as you love yourself? Do you love Jesus enough to obey?

Closing Prayer

Father God, forgive us for not putting You in the place in our life that You deserve. Convict us of the things in our lives that are hindrances. Lead us in Your way. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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