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Blessings and Rewards

Psalm 127

Verse 3 Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him.

The other day we talked about how important it is to teach others what Jesus taught. God gave us a great opportunity in the gift of the children in our lives. They give us moments to teach and moments to learn.

The value of children would have been incredibly significant to the psalmist as he wrote this song for the return to Jerusalem. This being a post-exile song of ascent would have helped him see the need for this next generation to see all that God had done for them in not completely wiping them out in His anger. They had been given these precious children in the midst of their punishment. A blessing indeed. Imagine the joy of the parents being able to bring their children back to the Promised Land! The laughter as the children played by running around during the journey.

The children likely had questions as to why they were making this long journey, giving the adults opportunities to praise God for His faithfulness. There are times when their asking, “why” can drive us crazy but their hunger for knowledge should encourage us to seek more understanding of the things around us, especially things that would draw us into deeper relationship with God.

When we are blessed with children, God gives us the desire to reveal to them the goodness of God. Children don’t have to be our own for us to share the goodness of God with them. There may be opportunities to invest in the spiritual lives of the children of the Church through Sunday School or other programs like GEMS and Cadets. Church families who are blessed with children are reaping God’s rewards to them.

A Church family that is blessed with children are trusted with imparting on them the need of God in our lives but they also need to know that they are important to us. If we treat the children of the church as an accessory instead of a vital part of the body they will not see the value of the Church and God in their lives. They will miss that they are a blessing to us and a reward from the Father.

Making It Personal

How important do you view your role in the spiritual lives of the children in your life? Do the children in your life know you value them? More importantly do they know that God values them?

Making It Personal Kids

How much do you think Jesus values you? Did you know that you have an important part in the Church? How can you help your friends and family know that Jesus values them?

Closing Prayer

Father, forgive us for how little thought we give to the gift that our children are to us. Help us as we try to show them the value of a relationship with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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