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Better Than Riches

Psalm 119:9-16

Verse 14 I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches.

As we discussed yesterday voicing the Word is important. If we don't keep reciting it we will more easily lose it from our memories. But does that reciting need to be monotonous?

Today we see another way that psalmist used reciting the Word. We mentioned yesterday how the psalms were written so that they could be recited in song by the people of God. They can, and should, be utilized by us in the same way. But they can't be just recited or sang just for the sake of doing it.

If we are just going through the motions we miss the joy that can be ours. His Word is a gift, a giving of Himself. Each verse and story reveals something of who He is. When we look at memorizing and reciting as a chore or obligation we look only at the surface. Words mean nothing if we don't look to their meaning and purpose.

This is why the psalmist says he rejoices in God's laws as someone rejoices in riches. He sees the value of God and His Word. He rejoices at being able to learn God's laws which allows him to get to know God better. He rejoices that He can obey God's laws.

Rejoicing at obeying God's commands doesn't come naturally to us. While we were created to obey God, the world's influence on us has brought mankind to make obeying our sinful nature more desirous. We don't always give a second thought to sin but it often seems to give us more joy than God and His commands. Sadly this shows that we are more likely to rejoice at pleasing ourselves than pleasing God.

Rejoicing about God's laws requires intentional thought. It takes looking at them through eyes of love for Him. We can never rejoice about obeying His commands if we don't adore Him above all things.

Making It Personal

Do you rejoice about obeying His laws? What law is hardest for you to rejoice about? Why does that sin hold such a special place in your heart?

Making It Personal Kids

How excited do you get about obeying Jesus? Are there things you wish weren't His law? How does Jesus feel when you obey Him?

Closing Prayer

Father, we rejoice in You. You love us enough to give us guidelines. Grow our love for You so that we come to rejoice in Your law. In Jesus' name, amen.

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