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Be One

Psalm 133

Verse 1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

We have reached another psalm of ascent by the most famous psalmist of all time, King David. He once again reminds the people of the joy of traveling this journey of faith together.

The Church. Our family of faith. This special body of people is a unique gift from God. It is made up of people we have known our whole life and those that we have only met recently. There are those that we agree about nearly everything with and then there are those that we love even though we think they are not thinking straight. There are those that love us and those we know don’t care for us.

The church family says a lot about what a particular body of Christians believes. It shows the truth of how open the people are to God and His working in their lives. When we are seeking God and His teaching it will show in how we are living and how we treat each other.

Being unified is so important to the Church that Jesus took the time to pray that very thing for us. In John 17:20-21 Jesus says that He is praying for those that come to know Him through the teaching of His disciples, which would include us. Jesus prayed that we would be one just as He and the Father are one. That is the unity that we are to be aiming for. But this isn’t something that we can have simply by trying harder.

By trying to build unity with each other we lose our main focus. When unity with each other becomes our focus we spend our time looking for ways to get along with each other and find ways to compromise. The problem with this is that when it all becomes about compromise we lose the fact that God has created us with different strengths and weaknesses and we may be making choices based more on peace than wisdom.

No, true unity can come only one way and that is by everyone trying to be who Christ has made them to be and following His commands. It is only by aligning ourselves with Him that we can become aligned with each other.

Making It Personal

What is your experience with finding unity? Do you feel unified with many of the Church family? Have you prayed about the relationships that are strained?

Making It Personal Kids

How would you define unity? What does it mean to be in unity with Jesus? Does being in unity with Jesus help you build unity with others?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for making us for unity. Thank You for praying that for us. Bind us together in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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