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Awe Inspiring Law

Psalm 119:113-120

Verses 119-120 All the wicked of the earth You discard like dross; therefore I love Your statutes. My flesh trembles in fear of You; I stand in awe of Your laws.

Yesterday we talked about God rejecting those who stray from the Lord’s teaching and in today’s verses we see the reason that God removes those who are not His from those who are.

The psalmist paints a picture of how God separates people. He clearly labels the wicked for what they are. He also makes note that it isn’t a certain tribe or nation that these people are from. Wicked people are found worldwide and are from every tribe and every nation. This widespread evil is not lost on God nor does it deter Him from carrying out His judgment on them.

The psalmist says it is the fact that God does remove evil that helps him love the law of the Lord. He knows that the law is the standard that is given to all. He goes so far as to say that he trembles in awe of God and His law. Laws are easy to hate and following them isn’t always easy but the fact remains that they are made to be followed.

God wrote the law. He took the time and etched the law out on stone with His own finger (Exodus 31:18). God was intentional with the law He set forth and the punishment that would be given to those who didn’t live by it. He also had a plan set in place to redeem those of us that trust in Him even though we can’t keep the law perfectly.

The song writer said that it was his flesh that trembles in fear of God. He saw the reality of his frailty in the shadow of the Almighty. He saw that there was no way that he could stand in the flesh face to face with God. Humanity is not holy by nature. We are a fallen people but even before the law was given, God made a promise that He had a plan for redemption. The law wasn’t the fulfillment of the promise, Jesus was the fulfillment of both the promise and the law. The psalmist stood in awe of the law because of what it said about God. When we see the law as the standard of His holiness, we too will stand in awe.

Making It Personal

Do you feel like the wicked are getting away with everything? How does it make you feel to know that God won’t let them get away with it forever? Do you see the law as holy?

Making It Personal Kids

What makes a person wicked? What do the commandments say about how you should live? What did Jesus come to earth to do?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the promise of redeeming us from the law. Please keep us from the wicked one and from living in ways that go against Your law. Help us see Your law as a delight. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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