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Afterthought Submission

2 Samuel 15:25-29

Verse 26 But if he says, ‘I am not pleased with you,’ then I am ready; let him do to me whatever seems good to him.”

Seeing the Ark of the Lord got David thinking, who was he to say the Lord was on his side. By bringing the Ark along David was declaring he was in God’s favor when he had never really inquired of God about the situation. Realizing the failure on his part, David decided the priests should take the Ark back to Jerusalem.

David went to Zadok the priest to explain his thinking. It isn’t that he thought God had abandoned him as the Spirit had King Saul, but he knew he hadn’t taken the time to go before the Lord to ask what He wanted of David. In this conversation we see the king showing the priest where he wanted to be in relationship with the Lord.

The priest had a special role in the community as spiritual leaders. They were to be not only connecting the people with God in the offering of sacrifices but to be helping people know what God’s will was through the use of the special means God had set forth while they were still wandering in the wilderness. To know the king wanted to be in God’s will must have been encouraging to Zadok.

Once explaining himself, the king asks Zadok if he understood he wasn’t being sent back as a punishment. The king was asking him to go back with his blessing. David wanted the priest to know he was at peace with whatever God’s decision was. If God still desired David to be king, He would make a way for David to come back to Jerusalem. If the Lord was now choosing Absalom to take over His kingdom, then David was willing to submit to God’s choice.

Submitting to God’s will when it isn’t clear what His will is, isn’t easy but David had grown a lot in his walk with the Lord over the years and the king had come to know he could trust God no matter what. Would he be thrilled if the Lord gave the throne to Absalom? No, David knew, at least in part, Absalom would not lead the people in the way of the Lord. David knew he had not brought his son up to revere the Lord as he should and the younger man would not likely grow more Godly by becoming king.

Making It Personal

Where do you struggle with submitting to God’s will in your life? Have you asked God what His will is? How is not submitting to God any different that rebellion?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you try to make decisions based on what Jesus would want you to do? How do you know what He would want? Do you want to do what Jesus wants you to do every time?

Closing Prayer

Father, we know we don’t always ask Your opinion on what we should do and for that we ask Your forgiveness. Give us the wisdom we need to follow You in every way and the desire to always do your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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