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Abundant Provisions

Psalm 132

Verse 15 “I will bless her with abundant provisions; her poor I will satisfy with food.”

We have been discussing how God has chosen Jerusalem as His city for worship. The psalmist continues relating God’s feelings for the beautiful city.

One of the first things we need to remember as we discuss this verse is that God is the ultimate King of the city. Jerusalem may have been made the capital city by David moving his household there but no matter who was on the throne, it was really God doing the ruling. A king knows how important the people of his nation are to his reign. A good king knows how to care for his people.

We have plenty of experiences in our own lives to prove the truth of this verse in our world and while He is talking about the city He has chosen, we can remember from our discussion yesterday that God doesn’t always say things that we will totally understand in our human wording because His thoughts are so much bigger than our thoughts.

He says He will bless her with abundant provisions. Of course our minds turn immediately to the idea of never having to want for anything in life. That we will always have the home that we want, the job that will bring us the financial satisfaction that will satisfy our desires and that we will never go hungry. But is that really the provisions that God was talking about? If so, why are there Christians that are poor and in need?

God’s provisions for His people aren’t focused on the things of this world. This isn’t to say that He ignores our needs, He doesn’t. And yet there are things that He doesn’t give us just because we think they are necessary. He provides and that means that He gives what is needed. For some that may be more so they can bless others, while for others it may mean less so that they can be blessed by knowing what it means to lean on Christ and wait for Him to provide all their needs. God’s provisions are need-based not want-based and it is always about what will bring Him glory. When He is truly our King we will feel fully provided for because of who He is. He is enough.

Making It Personal

What are some ways God has provided for you through your life? Have His provisions always been how you wanted to be provided for? How have His provisions brought Him glory?

Making It Personal Kids

What are ways that Jesus has provided for you? Are there ways that you want Jesus to provide for you? Are the things you want for your good or for Jesus’ good?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for always providing for our needs. Give us the wisdom to know how to use Your provisions wisely so that they always bring You glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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