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A Reason to Hope

Isaiah 42:1-7

Verse 4 ...He will not falter or be discouraged till He establishes justice on earth. In His teaching the islands will put their hope.”

Today we begin our yearly journey to the manger. We feel the anticipation building as we prepare our homes and make plans for all the activities that make up the holidays for us. As we go through the Advent season together in our daily readings, we will be making sure our focus doesn’t get caught up in the wrappings of the season but rather help us remember that the biggest reason to celebrate this holiday is because of Who we worship.

We begin our journey focusing on hope. Hope may not seem like something that is that hard to grasp but what about the times when hope is starting to fade because we have been waiting so long? The people of Israel had been waiting for many years for this long-awaited promise of God. God had told the serpent in the Garden of Eden that from Eve would come a child that would crush his head. Throughout Jewish history the promise of a godly conqueror had been repeated. But by the time the New Testament time period came there had been no word from God through prophets for 400 hundred years. And just as the Jewish people in Egypt during the time of Moses had likely given up hope of ever being able to go back to the Promised Land after being in slavery in Egypt, the people in Jesus’ time were probably feeling like it was all just a pipe dream to think the promise of a Messiah would ever be fulfilled.

But God is faithful. For this reason alone there was reason to hope. If we were to look back over our own lives we would see evidence of His faithfulness. We have reason for hope because we know that what He has said, will come true. So as we journey through this time remembering His first advent, let’s look with hope towards His second advent when He will keep His promise about taking us to be with Him for eternity. Now that is something to hope for!

Making It Personal

What is something that you are holding out hope for? In what ways has God shown Himself to be faithful in your life? What do you hope for this holiday season?

Making It Personal Kids

What is your favorite thing to hope for at Christmas time? What does it mean to you to know that God keeps His promises? What is something that God has done that reminds you that He keeps His promises?

Closing Prayer

Father, we thank You for the gift of hope. You have been so faithful in the past and so we know You will be faithful in the present and in the future. Help us to focus on Your Son and the gift of His earthly birth during this season. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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