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A Little Boy’s Questions

Luke 2:41

Verse 41  Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover.


    It may seem like we have made a big jump from the return of the Judean exile Passover celebration to the New Testament but that doesn’t mean the celebration didn’t happen.  In fact, during the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments there were times of not being able to celebrate it due to being ruled by another nation and times where some continued to observe it and then being allowed to celebrate by other rulers who would take over.


    By New Testament times the Passover was being celebrated and we see in our verse for today Jesus experienced the festival yearly.  The verse says they celebrated it every year but we know they didn’t come back from Egypt to Jerusalem when Jesus was young because they were concerned about Jesus’ life being in danger because of King Herod.  That doesn’t mean they didn’t celebrate but they didn’t go to the festival.


    It is possible Joseph and Mary had taken Jesus to Jerusalem for Passover a year or two before they fled to Egypt.  They would have met up with family in the city who had come from their hometown of Nazareth.  They may also have met up with Zechariah, Elizabeth and John who would also have been there to celebrate.


    The young family would have followed the traditional rituals like choosing an unblemished lamb 4 days before the Passover celebration.  Can you picture Jesus toddling along with Joseph to pick out the perfect lamb?  His little boy voice asking questions and Joseph explaining why this lamb wouldn’t work because of the cut on its back and that one wouldn’t work because of its crooked leg.  The father telling the youngster why it had to be a perfect lamb.


    They would also be making sure there was no yeast in the home in any form.  A young Jesus may have “helped” Him mom search every crevice of the cooking area to make sure it was cleared of the leavening agent.  His little voice asking questions about why they had to get rid of it which allowed Mary the opportunity to tell Him about the upcoming festival of unleavened bread and why they celebrated it as a way to remember how God had brought His people out of Egypt.


    Born to be the ultimate Passover Lamb, Jesus needed to learn just like every other Jewish child the importance of celebrating this festival.


Making It Personal

    How important is it to you for the children in your life to know why you worship God?  Do you share with them how God wants to be worshiped?  Do you still desire to know God in the way He wants you to know Him?


Making It Personal Kids

    Have you ever asked your mom and dad why something is done a certain way at church?  Do you want to worship Jesus like He wants you to?  What questions do you have today about Jesus?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for putting us in family units so we can learn about You and pass it on through the generations.  Give us hearts to share You with those around us so they can come to worship You too.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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