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A Big Calling

1 Samuel 16:8-13

Verse 12 So he sent for him and had him brought in. He was glowing with health and had a fine appearance and handsome features. Then the Lord said, “Rise and anoint him; this is the one.”

Yesterday we saw the brothers passing by in front of the prophet, Samuel. Samuel was impressed with the looks and height of each one but God didn’t give him the thumbs up for any of them. With Jesse saying the youngest was still in the pasture Samuel may have had various thoughts about what the young son would be like. Since the others were so good looking and God said no to them would the youngest brother be ugly? The others had height, would this one be short? What if he had misunderstood God and this one would also be a no?

Samuel had no reason to be concerned. When David showed up to the sacrificial feast Samuel must have sighed a small relief. The boy was good looking and had a joyful countenance. In this boy’s face Samuel saw potential and God saw His chosen king. Having been given the word to anoint this young fellow, Samuel steps towards the boy and raised his horn of oil to anoint David.

This anointing was a significant thing in the life of not just David but the entire family and even the small town of Bethlehem. It did change David’s life although not right away. He continued his work with the sheep but that was not his long-term job. The boy may not have been able to fully understand what this was going to mean for his life but he did know that it was an anointing for the future.

The brothers may have felt the sting of the baby of the family being God’s choice, as we will see in days to come, but the truth was this was something that would eventually allow the brothers to see David as more than just their annoying little brother. But it would take time and they weren’t to that point yet. They didn’t seem to have the relationship with God that their little brother had but the time would come that they saw God doing mighty things for and through the future king.

David may have seemed like the least likely to be anointed king. A boy that likely smelled from being out with the sheep. A boy that was learning the art of leading through the lowly job of a shepherd. He may have been watching his sheep in the very fields that the angels would visit many years later to announce the birth of the King of Kings. David was conquering lions and other dangers for his sheep and Jesus came to conquer sin and death.

Making It Personal

Have you ever felt called to something you weren’t sure you were qualified for? How did God prepare you for what He had called you to? Are you still serving Him as He has called you to?

Making It Personal Kids

What do you think it was like to be David the day he was anointed? Do you think he would want to be king? David was serving Jesus by doing what his dad wanted him to do, do you serve Jesus by obeying your mom and dad?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for giving us ways to serve You in this world. Please make our callings clear and give us the wisdom to wait for Your timing and knowledge to carry out our duties. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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